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The Corporate ID is where Branded likes to build a company from the ground up. We build a strong foundation built on colour scheme and association and work through a corporate look that is kept consistent through all aspects of promotion. From letterhead, and business cards to brochures and magazine advertisements. The Corporate ID is your brand that keeps you in the public eye.

Corporate brochures are where you really get to strut your stuff. Branded Studios will put together a full package to promote every aspect of your business and what it has to offer. From a full colour attention grabber to the stratigally subtle class act, Branded will find a look to suit your needs.  
You literally have seconds to hold someone’s attention while flipping the pages in a magazine or browsing through billboards while on the road, let us use our own brand of "Persuasive Advertising" to grab your audience's attention.  
Our Specialty category is just that, a special section for promotional material that is somewhat out of the ordinary. In the past we have done many business specific items such as coupons, special mail outs, posters and t-shirts. If you have a question about something unusual, or need help coming up with an idea, don't hesitate to ask. We welcome the strange and mysterious.