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E-Commerce … business solutions target growth and profit


Here's the long and short of it. Despite stock market run-ups and "Internet darlings", real businesses - that generate real profits - take time to build. That's why Branded Studios focuses on helping companies develop real e-commerce solutions that are conceived, designed, and implemented to support your business case and generate a return on investment.

Whether you're interested in implementing a first phase initiative designed to assess the viability of your e-commerce strategy, or a full-scale transactional solution, we can help you build a leading-edge, competitive offering. Depending on the stage of your business and the extent of your requirements, we can provide your company with the ability to:

Complete electronic transactions via e-mail or over the Web. Automate your online ordering processes, and track and ship products with custom-built software. Allow your clients to automatically update their personal information and files through interactive interfaces. Seamlessly link to your buyers and suppliers through a dynamic e-marketplace. Upgrade your legacy systems with state-of-the-art, highly stable technologies. Collect detailed information about your customers so that you can better meet their expectations. Integrate all of your Web offerings with your back-end data management systems.

Best of all, every Branded Studios e-commerce solution comes with the highest levels of security possible - which means you can run your business online without concern. Regardless of your budget or your time-line, Branded Studios can help you build more powerful e-commerce solutions. It's our promise to you.