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SEO - Search Engine Optimization - Improving Your Website Rankings



Branded Studios uses the latest knowledge of search engine algorithm trends to ensure that your website design and construction satisfies the criteria accepted in the industry. Our design staff incorporates SEO into the structure of sites we design and can analyze existing sites to determine necessary optimization solutions.


Content Copy – copywriting must balance fundamental, creative writing skills with the need to include keyword rich text relevant to your site’s content - this is the most important element in successful SEO

Title Tags – descriptive, keyword-optimized browser titles for each page of the site

Correct Use of Meta Tags – for the benefit of search engines and directories still using these source-code tags

Internal Link Structure – ensuring the search engines can navigate your site to gather data
Tidying up Deprecated or Unnecessary Code - as needed

A properly optimized site will achieve enhanced success in query results for your products or services. If your site is not optimized it could be bypassed by the search engine crawlers gathering the data used in establishing a site listing. The resulting invisibility of your site could necessitate reliance on expensive advertising or “pay-per-click” programs simply to get listed in search results. Optimization cannot guarantee that your site will be in the top ten. However it will ensure that your website is properly located, indexed and listed in a search query using the keywords associated with your business.

Branded Studio’s SEO and copy writing experts will develop the correct balance between the technical requirements which make your site accessible to the search engine robots, and the aesthetic look and feel of a well-designed website successfully reflecting your image.